Temple of Comfort

T.H. EP 12 – The Maha Chohan and the Temple of Comfort

In heaven, there is a stream in a highland forest on the island we call Sri Lanka.  The Temple of Comfort looks out over the cool, green mountains at the center of the island, not far from this clear stream.  The ascended master we’re going to visit was and is described by Jesus as the […]

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Cave of Symbols

T.H. Ep 11 – Saint Germain and the Cave of Symbols

The master we’re about to visit has, with Jesus and Gautama, had the most profound positive influences on civilization, our standard of living and our freedom.  But in the long game of future history, by far the best is yet to come.  The name Saint Germain means, ‘Holy Brother,’ and his known historic lives reflect […]

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Rose Temple

T.H. Ep 10 – Nada and the Rose Temple

On this tour we visit two retreats, one we’re familiar with (Jesus’ Arabian Retreat) and another in a beautiful but unexpected heavenly location.  The lady ascended master we’ll visit is Nada, whose practice of divine love through ministration was taught and tested long ago by the archangel of love and charity.  Now Nada walks in […]

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Temple of Truth, Crete

T.H. Ep 09 – Hilarion and the Temple of Truth

If you asked any group of people, what is truth, the answers would be all over the place.  What if you asked God?  We’re going to a university of the Spirit on Crete to visit an ascended master who has qualified himself over many difficult lifetimes to help you understand the answer for yourself.  He’s […]

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Ascension Temple at Luxor

T.H. Ep 08 – Serapis Bey and the Ascension Temple

This tour takes us to a location in heaven we associate with the ancient temples at Luxor, along the Nile River in Egypt in our world.  It’s not for everyone as the training here is at the level of the perfection of the soul and the ritual of the ascension.  The master, Serapis Bey, is […]

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Chateau De Liberte

T.H. Ep 07 – Paul the Venetian and the Chateau De Liberte

In the etheric octave of Earth, on the beautiful banks of what we think of as the Rhone River in the south of France, there’s a university of the Spirit known as the Chateau de Liberte.   The master of the retreat is a teacher of surprising power, who for the asking, is able to gently […]

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T.H EP 06 – Lanto and the Royal Teton Retreat

What does wisdom mean to you and what would you do with it if you were shown the divine blueprint for this life?  You designed it, before this life, then got distracted and somehow forgot the plan.  There are universities of the Spirit in heaven where the blueprint is the curriculum, and the Royal Teton […]

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El Morya's Darjeeling Retreat

T.H. EP 05 – El Morya and the Temple of Good Will

If you were to inquire about a mystery – how to know the will of God and to love that will, no matter what, who would you talk with?  Would you expect that God, the source of all Creation, would have tested the one you seek to the utmost, over many thousands of years, so […]

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T.H. Ep 04 – Kuan Yin and the Temple of Mercy

Where we’re going is to the eternal China, China the Beautiful, the etheric level of China that’s part of heaven. This is going to be an eye-opener, about what Sacred China was and is meant to offer the world. Here is wisdom, the divine science of music and the noble example of the bodhisattva, ‘the […]

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T. H. Ep 03 – Gautama Buddha and Shamballa

A long time ago, as we see time, there was an island in what used to be the Gobi Sea and there was a paradise there known as Shamballa.  Who lived there, in this paradise?  Why was it the spiritual capital of the world for thousands of years and why is it windswept desert now?  […]

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