The Retreats of the Archangels

Angelic Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood

After you have attended the retreats of the lords of the seven rays, you may also attend the retreats of the seven archangels.

In a dictation given May 28, 1987, Jesus Christ spoke of the archangels as “teachers of Christhood par excellence.”

Opening The Doors Of The Retreats Of The Archangels

He said, “When you have done visiting even the retreats of the lords of the seven rays, may you perchance be invited to a series of studies in the retreats of the archangels. This, beloved, is my prayer unto the Father, who has responded by saying, ‘My Son, let them prove themselves with thy brothers, the seven masters of light, and then they shall truly know the divine interchange with archangels.’

“So, beloved, rejoice that not alone Archangel Michael, who has called you in his service, but all of the seven [archangels] may one day host you in their retreats for the accelerated initiations of life unto eternity.”

On February 27, 1988, Archangel Raphael announced that he and Mother Mary, archangels of the fifth ray, were presenting to the world the opening of the doors of their temple “as the first opening in general of a retreat of the archangels to those who have passed beyond the levels of the mystery schools of the lords of the seven rays.”

Retreats of the Seven Archangels