Spiritual Retreats of the Elohim

Spiritual Focuses of the Planetary Chakras

The retreats of the Elohim in the body of the earth and the focuses of the flame therein are like the seven major chakras in the body of man. These retreats are the key focuses for the seven rays upon the planetary body.

Invoking the Sacred Fire of Elohim

Unascended lifestreams are seldom taken into the retreats of the Elohim, for these are kept as pure, vibrating electrodes to infuse the body of Virgo and Pelleur with life and to attune it with cosmos.

However, we can call for the release of the concentrated momentum of the seven rays focused by the Elohim to be released into the planetary body at large, through the elemental kingdom and through the seven chakras in man as well as through the flame of the seven Elohim that is a focus in the forehead of every lifestream.

Etheric Retreats of the Seven Elohim

When visualizing this focus,

  • Think of the flame in the retreat of Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, the triangle with
    the All-Seeing Eye in the center.
  • Visualize a triangle with an All-Seeing Eye in the center of the forehead.
  • See the green precipitation flame blazing through the triangle, and the eye and the radiance of the seven rays swirling around it.
  • The green flame rises in the center, and the seven rays come out from the forehead at the angle of a shield on a cap, in all directions.

The Consciousness of Elohim Anchored in the Retreats

Since the Elohim have a cosmic consciousness and a cosmic service throughout the galaxies of the cosmos and on beyond the Great Central Sun, they appoint representatives to be the hierarchs, the administrators of their retreats.

The retreats of the Elohim are like touchstones where they place their feet now and then, and where they anchor their consciousness as they are in and out of cosmic service. The Elohim can place an Electronic Presence of their being in their retreats, a replica of themselves, the full blazing Reality of their God consciousness focused there, and just as God himself can be everywhere in cosmos all at once, so they too can be everywhere in the consciousness of God.

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Heaven is definitely coalesced and intermeshed with the planet Earth. The only problem that mankind has an inability to tune in to the light that is on the planet in these retreats. This is created by a false awareness of separation between Spirit and Matter.

This apparent separation can easily be bridged through invocation, calling forth the light in the name of the Holy Christ Self, in the name of the I AM Presence. When the call is made, light floods forth and is anchored in Matter.

Unless the calls are made daily, the flame, which is the frequency of perfection, seeks its own level and returns to the plane of Spirit. So daily invocation is necessary to continue to bring that perfection and hold it at a level that is actually unnatural to its internal forcefield—but only unnatural until the earth itself is assumed into the perfect state of the ascension.

Elohim as Builders of Form

The seven mighty Elohim are the original builders of form who created the planet in response to the mandates of the Godhead. The seven retreats on the earth of these seven spirits of God are keys to the very existence and life of the planet itself.

The flames anchored in the retreats of the Elohim are most powerful, and many of their activities are known only to ascended masters.

Even the revelation of the name of the Elohim is a dispensation, because there is so much power even in the pronouncement of the these names. Each letter is the release of fohatic energy from the causal body of the Elohim.