Elohim Apollo and Lumina’s Etheric Retreat

Spiritual Retreat of the Elohim of the Second Ray

Crown chakra, copyright The Summit LighthouseThe spiritual retreat of the Elohim Apollo and Lumina is located in the etheric plane over Lower Saxony, Germany. Here the Elohim of the second ray focus the energies of the crown chakra of the planet.

On the outside of the building are three pillars in the formation of a triangle. These pillars are electrodes focusing a yellow star at the top of each one. There are three stories in the round dome of this etheric retreat, built in a parabolic curve.

The first floor is the largest, the second and third are progressively smaller. A spherical focus of the flames of Apollo and Lumina is in the center of each of these three levels.

In the center of the first floor is a golden-yellow ball resembling a whirling galaxy, its component star clusters whirling at such a high frequency that they appear to be at perfect rest. In the center of the second floor is an identical sphere of brilliant sapphire blue. In the center of the upper room is another golden sphere like the one on the first floor. On each floor there is a spherical meditation room having as its focal point the spherical flame.

Each of these rooms accommodates approximately one thousand angels serving under Apollo and Lumina. Their glorious golden-yellow auras and robes make those who behold them feel as if they are in the center of the Great Hub.

Classrooms, laboratories, libraries and archives form a radial pattern out from the center of the meditation room on each of the three floors. At the first level there is a circular hallway following the circumference of the building. On either side of the hall are three-dimensional exhibits showing the operation of the law of cycles throughout the earth. There are several thousand such displays atop square pillars about four feet high.

Elohim of Wisdom Created the Planet’s Cycles

When the Elohim responded to the great command to go forth and create the earth, they did so through the initiation of cycles. The many cycles that are the components of our world actually make up its individuality. The cycles of earth, air, fire and water, of the mineral and plant kingdoms, of time and space—all of these are illustrated. These cycles are based on the law of the twelve illustrated in the twelve bands of the causal body and the twelve signs of the zodiac, also known as the twelve hierarchies of the Sun.

Also illustrated are the cycles of cosmic beings and their releases of light to the planet, the cycles of civilizations, the cycles of photosynthesis and precipitation. The electronic forcefield within the square blocks allows these displays to be suspended in air and to have “live parts,” moving flames, spirals, showing the endless complexities of our world and making them simple through illustrations.

One could easily spend a hundred years studying these displays and being tutored by the great cosmic scientists who serve in Apollo and Lumina’s retreat.

In preparation for the coming golden age, tremendous tides of illumination’s flame are being released from this temple. The millions of angels who serve under Apollo and Lumina are ready to go forth to raise the consciousness of the entire earth to the level of the Christ in answer to the calls of the students.

Become an Electrode for Change

The angels of Apollo and Lumina, together with the angels serving at the spiritual retreats of Archangel Jophiel and Christine, Lord Lanto, the God and Goddess Meru, Lord Gautama Buddha, Lord Himalaya, Lord Maitreya and Jesus and Kuthumi, the World Teachers, should be called upon on behalf of the enlightenment of all mankind, for they are equal in every respect to the tremendous task at hand.

Apollo’s Flame: Golden Yellow With a Blue Sheath

The action of the blue flame is a protective forcefield for the wisdom of the Christ. It precedes the manifestation of wisdom in the world of form, cutting through the density of human error and misqualified energy, paving the way for the manifestation of the Christ mind. Lumina’s flame is a golden yellow, which follows after the flame of Apollo in the manifestation of the seven aspects of the Christ mind.

Etheric Retreats of the Seven Elohim