Chateau De Liberte

T.H. Ep 07 – Paul the Venetian and the Chateau De Liberte

In the etheric octave of Earth, on the beautiful banks of what we think of as the Rhone River in the south of France, there’s a university of the Spirit known as the Chateau de Liberte.   The master of the retreat is a teacher of surprising power, who for the asking, is able to gently unfold the divine understanding of love.  The understanding expands so that your foremost thoughts become, how to please God in the people you know.  You can’t see the expansion at first, but the curriculum here encourages the eye of the divine artist, photographer and filmmaker to adore the presence of God in you and yours.


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    • October 7, 2022

    Please how can I enter into this retreat

    • Renata de Mello 💜 ⚜️
    • August 10, 2023

    💖🌹⚜️😇💙💜🙏🕯️💎 IAM go home, i want now 🙏🙏🗽📿

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