T.H EP 06 – Lanto and the Royal Teton Retreat

What does wisdom mean to you and what would you do with it if you were shown the divine blueprint for this life?  You designed it, before this life, then got distracted and somehow forgot the plan.  There are universities of the Spirit in heaven where the blueprint is the curriculum, and the Royal Teton Retreat is the largest etheric campus for souls of light on Earth.  We join tens of thousands in the light, in a mountain-side amphitheater, to hear the masters of wisdom and to prepare to study the course of this life, your unique purpose, as God intended.

Read more about Lanto inThe Lords of the Seven Rays


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    • Dott
    • May 6, 2021

    Thank you so very very much! I am so happy to have this information! You have no idea! Thank you thank you thank you

      • Victor valencia
      • September 14, 2021

      I want to be part of the retreats…please tell Archangel Michael to take me there…

      1. Reply

        You may call to Archangel Michael and Kuan Yin to take you to the Retreats while you sleep. Here is the prayer to go to Saint Germain’s Retreat….
        In the name of the Christ, my own real self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the Angel of the Presence, to Archangel Michael and beloved Kuan Yin, to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the University classes currently being held at Saint Germain’s Royal Teton Retreat, according to the direction of my Holy Christ Self and the Maha Chohan.

    • Joshua Tolenna
    • September 12, 2021

    Thank you 🙏

    • José Luis Serrano Volcán
    • December 30, 2021

    Yo soy el que yo soy

    • Lourdes Alawo
    • December 30, 2021

    Thank you so much. I also want eagerly to be part of these retreats.

    • stefanina
    • July 27, 2023

    Fantastisch,.dankbaar voor dit!

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