Himalayan Retreat of Lord Maitreya

One of the reasons we visit the masters and their retreats in heaven is to go beyond earthbound orthodoxy to discover how organized, unified and loving heaven is.  Who knew that the Father in heaven (who Jesus referred to) is real and welcoming and willing to teach us too?  His name is Maitreya, which means ‘kindness.’  In heaven there’s no separation of religions or nationalities, just amazing frontiers like learning there are 144,000 tones of love.  Maitreya, the master we’re going to visit, is a master of every one of them and yet has plenty of time to sit down and teach us by example about love.  Come with us, to learn what Jesus learned about love, compassion and kindness in action.

Learn more about Maitreya and the path of the Ascended Masters in The Mystic’s Path Home, a book that introduces their Teaching and explores the mystical path of oneness with the Divine.

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    • Maria
    • February 6, 2024

    Thank you beloved Lord Maitreya

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