Resurrection Temple

T.H. Ep 15 – Magda and the Temple of the Resurrection

If you’ve ever wondered about Mary Magdalene, (in the Gospel of Luke), about why she was one of the few who kept the vigil during Jesus’ crucifixion, why she was so intent on being first at his tomb early on that Sunday morning, and why she grieved for him before recognizing that it was him in the process of the resurrection, then this tour is for you.

It’s fascinating to hear in her own words how she understood Jesus as the way-shower through the next two-thousand years of her own initiations.  Come with us on this tour of the Temple of the Resurrection, in the etheric octave of Earth over Jerusalem, where Magda reveals how she took these initiations the hard way and would teach us what she wished she could have known when she was in her final lifetime on Earth.

There are other key teachings you’ll learn on this tour about the soul of the Ascended Lady Master Magda that have direct parallels in your life.  And, guess who might come to join us in the rose garden, to sit right behind Magda, to listen and to add his timeless wisdom gently and informally?  This tour, we hope, will feel like family time in heaven, which, in a sense, it is.

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