Saint Germain on Alchemy

Formulas for Spiritual Self-Transformation

Saint Germain On Alchemy - Formulas for Self-TransformationIn Saint Germain On Alchemy, the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and Master of the Aquarian Age imparts secrets of spiritual alchemy that you can use for spiritual self-transformation. Saint Germain shows that these same formulas that he has used for centuries can be used by you to, if you apply yourself, duplicate his achievements.

The Ascended Master Saint Germain brings you these secrets of alchemy and the use of the Violet Flame—discover what the Wonderman of Europe knew:

  • Step-by-step instruction in the precipitation—direct or indirect—of visible, tangible objects
  • Preparatory lessons in becoming an alchemist
  • A guided first experiment in precipitating an amethyst Maltese cross
  • Methods of visualization
  • The use of symbols and symbology
  • Fohatic keys for the alchemist's thaumaturgy (working of miracles)
  • How to acquire the talents you need to fulfill your mission in life
  • The path of becoming a Master Alchemist
  • How to tap the energy of creation
  • How to gain entrée into the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood
  • How to create a cloud of infinite energy to increase your spiritual protection and power
  • Formulas for precipitation
  • How to transcend time and space
  • The controlled release of Power, Wisdom and Love through the thoughtform of the Maltese cross and the threefold flame of your heart

Saint Germain On Alchemy Reviews by Readers

"This book changed my life. I randomly picked it up on the shelf of a bookstore one day with some interest in Alchemy. When I saw how inexpensive it was, I bought it. From a beginners point of view, this book was ideal for me. It's not so much about any practical laboratory alchemy as it is 'Formulas For Self-Transformation.'

Reading about Saint Germain and his efforts put forth to help humanity is quite amazing. It gave me a personal figure to aspire to probably about the same as Jesus himself. And I wasn't at all religious before reading this book, but it helped to give me a new concept of the world of saints and of alchemy. This is a golden nugget of knowledge, highly recommended.

"After flipping the first few pages and reading, 'Dedicated to the disciples of East and West who would be the first alchemists of the Aquarian age,' I moved this book to the top of my priority list of reading material, and am very glad that I did!"

One reader wrote that she liked best "...the knowledge and understanding of things I knew but time and people have, over the years, tried to strip away."

Also "This has become my 'Bible.' It is highlighted, has flags and is worn with usage."

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